Parenting Gold Membership

How can I improve my parenting skills?

Welcome to the Parenting Gold Membership page.   

Advantages of joining 

We, parents, know how the job of being a parent can be great joy one day and a challenge the next. This site is going to help you with lots of tips, advice, articles, tools and parenting information you may find useful. 

Why have a parenting membership? Parenting does not come with a manual or compass. What you will gain from this membership is going to help you connect better with your children, create a calmer home environment and create less struggles with your children. 

Having weekly input on different ways to deal with discipline, communication, cooperation, power struggles, back talk, sleeping and eating issues can be very helpful to parents who at times may struggle with these topics. 

Why did I set up this site? 

My name is Mirella and I am a Life Coach and Counsellor. In my work I have found parents to be a big group of my clients who had many questions about how to best raise their kids. I am a parents of two myself and know the challenges I am faced with every day. In my training as a Counsellor I also did a parenting course which opened my eyes on how I could make a huge improvement with my children. As I put the tools in motion, I saw a change in our home life as well as my connection with my children. There are still times I fall back into what I used to know and as we are all only human that is not unusual. It is how we see those mistakes as opportunities to learn and improve which makes all the difference. 

What is included in the membership?

  • Each month we will have different parenting topics. 
  • Regular updated articles/infographics with helpful advise to help with parenting.
  • Many tools you can use right away to change challenges at home
  • Exercises to help you embed your new knowledge

Some of the topics covered:

Can you love too much as a parent?

How can you improve communications?

Understanding child behaviour and Positive Discipline tools

Examples of some 'misbehaviours' and how to improve them.

How to help your child build self confidence and self esteem

Creating a calmer and happier family life.

Creating a calmer and happier family life.

All you need to do for these free resources is to sign up below. Once registered you will receive regular emails with free articles, tools, advice and information to help you improve your parenting techniques.